Friday, November 13, 2015

Perception Neuron Template v0.4.0 released

The fourth version of my "Third Person CPP Neuron" Unreal Engine 4 template is finished and
I have published it for free under the MIT license on Github.

Download: Github Repository
Latest template version: v0.4.0
Latest plugin version: v0.2.0

Changes Template:
- Network and player controller actors now support manual configuration
of reference skeleton instead using external BVH reference file.
- To have an example how to add custom skeletons,
the Mannequin now uses the new bone map feature of the plugin.
For a "HowTo" please have a look into the Mannequin BP function "Init Bone Map".
- Update to Plugin v0.2.0

Changes v0.2.0 Plugin:
- It is now possible to initialize Reference skeleton manually and
initialization with external BVH reference file is optional.
- Support all rotation orders and add missing XZY, YZX, ZYX rotations
- Better support for custom skeletons:
Bone coordinate system can now be mapped in blueprint.
- Fix a synchronization bug when using Neuron format
- Further comments and minor improvements

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