Friday, March 25, 2016

Perception Neuron Template v0.5.0 released

The fifth version of my "Third Person CPP Neuron" Unreal Engine 4 template is finished and
I have published it for free under the MIT license on Github.

Download: Github Repository
Latest template version: v0.5.0
Latest plugin version: v0.3.0

Changes Template:
- Cleanup of all Animation BP and switch to new NeuronReadArray function which improves the support of custom skeletons.
- Remove old custom bone mapping functions (are now deprecated)
- Add function in Animation BP to remove pelvis drift on ground
- Change project to UE 4.10
- Update to Plugin v0.3.0

Changes v0.3.0 Plugin:
- Add better custom skeleton handling. No need to map bone coordinate systems by hand anymore, just map the bone names in anim and event graph.
- Mark old neuron read functions as deprecated
- Add BVH player rewind node
- NeuronRead functions are now able to read the skeleton translation and rotation in component space
- Compile pre build libraries with UE4.10
- Further comments and minor improvements

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