Thursday, September 24, 2015

Minimal BVH send server v0.1.0 released

The minimal BVH Send server reads in a BVH motion file,
opens a listening TCP socket and
sends each motion line to the connected clients.
The delay between the motion lines can be configured or is read from the BVH file.
If all motion lines have been sent the server loops back to the first one.

Download: Github Repository
Latest version: v0.1.0

v0.1.0: Initial version

Installation Notes:
Download the archive from above link
and unpack the file to a folder you want.

Following command line options are available:
bvhsend <port> <frametime> <format> <bvhfile>
For e.g. bvhsend 7001 10000 0 test.bvh

port: TCP port number.
frametime: Delay between each motion line in microseconds.
Set to 0 if frame time from BVH file should be used.
format: 0 = Just send complete line as it is in BVH file.
1 = Use Axis Neuron format.
bvhfile: Name and path of BVH file to be sent.

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