Monday, September 28, 2015

Perception Neuron Template v0.2.0 released

The second version of my "Third Person CPP Neuron" Unreal Engine 4 template is finished and
I have published it for free under the MIT license on Github.

Download: Github Repository
Latest version: v0.2.0

- Playback Controller added.
  Now you can directly play BVH files placed √≠n your content
  folder instead connecting to a BVH server.
  See new Blueprint nodes Play and Pause.
  To have an example Neuron character is now connected
  to a player controller instead to a network controller.
  In other words: You can now play your recorded Neuron BVH animation files in Unreal.
  And you can also play animations created by other tools
  if the skeleton matches the reference skeleton (see axis.bvh file).
- Neuron and TPP_Hero are now part of a character blueprint (To have an example for that)
- Hips bone of TPP_Hero mesh is used to translate complete actor (capsule).
  Actor rotation is still a problem and is not connected.
- Add support for standard BVH format
- Add support for disabled displacement and/or enabled reference bone in motion line
- Add DNS name support
- Add Blender source file for Neuron character
- Further comments and minor improvements

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